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random_rationality ([personal profile] random_rationality) wrote2011-12-23 06:51 pm
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First post

I heard they were letting people in without invites for this week.
So I decided to jump in the wagon.

I've got to say, looks fairly good so far. I'm a bit optimistic about it and hope it well in the future.

I haven't been around the whole livejournal fiasco. Even though I've been a member for a long time (with several accounts because I forget passwords and usernames :I). I was absolutely shocked to hear how people were being treated like nothing but sources income for the lj people and not humans. Maybe not all the staff, but what I've seen it appears so.

But enough of livejournal. That's all now in the past.

Once again, I have high hopes for this new blogging site. I can't wait to see what it will offer in the future...

Oh Gog, I sound like a "stick-up-the-poop-shoot", stiff-necked prick don't I xD
I cannot talk/type seriously. I'm so not used to it.

I think Imma go work on my Secret Santa stuff and then some emotes for my journals :>